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Suplemento microbiano para abejas melíferas

Healthy, microbe-rich soil thirstily absorbs water, minimizing run-off and standing water. Better yield, drought resistance, and nutrient uptake are just the short-term benefits of using BioMantra Soil. The long-term includes healthier soil that is more disease-resistant for stronger crops. 


BioMantra Seed can be mixed with any type of seed to help with uniform germination. Studies show that even a 24-hour delay in germination across plantings can decrease crop yields by up to 18%.

BioMantra Soil microbes pull nitrogen and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and increase the ability of the soil to retain water and carbon.​

BioMantra Root contains essential microbes, enzymes, humic acid, and mycorrhizal fungi that help roots dig deeper, be more fibrous, access more nutrition, and increase drought tolerance and recovery!

BioMantra Commercial is a combination of the specialized bacteria in BioMantra™ Soil and BioMantra Root to give growers an advantage and alternative to chemicals and fertilizers.

Soil health starts with naturally restoring beneficial microbes.

Suplemento microbiano para abejas melíferas

Suplemento microbiano para abejas melíferas

Soil Health

You may have great soil, but the nutrients may not be readily 

available for plants to use. BioMantra unlocks nutrients.

Apply Bacteria

Microbes break down 

nutrients, making them easily accessible to plants
(not locked in the soil.)

Bacteria Multiply 

This results in less need for manure or fertilizers and, therefore, less cost.  

Increase Nutrient Supply

This helps plants survive disease and become resilient in the face of drought!


Hongos micrrícicos arbusculares (AMF)

¡Aprenda más sobre cómo AMF puede ayudar a las plantas a sobrevivir y recuperarse de las sequías!  

Suplemento microbiano para abejas melíferas

Suplemento microbiano para abejas melíferas


BioMantra Root, Seed, and Soil contain different concentrations and ratios of several key types of bacteria.

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are capable of transforming atmospheric nitrogen into fixed nitrogen. More than 90% of all nitrogen fixation is affected by these types of bacteria.

Bio-fertilizers like BioMantra increase phosphorus absorption using natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals.


Potassium mobilizing bacteria result in considerably higher crop yield.

Humic Acid

Humic acid in BioMantra soil and root increases organic carbon, soil porosity, and increases the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soil.

Humic acid also makes nutrients more bioavailable by chelating.


This means that the soil absorbs more water and locks in nutrients in ionic form.


Glomus mosseae in BioMantra root is a unique type of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) that penetrate the cortical cells of a vascular plant's roots and deliver essential mineral elements.


These soil microorganisms result in a healthier, beefier plant.

This natural restoration of the live microbial population signals plants to cultivate the soil and increases nutrient uptake.  BioMantra™ naturally releases the nutrients trapped in your soil acting as a natural fertilizer to improve soil and plant health.
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