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MicroCloud Applicator
Effective, Safe & Easy to Use

MicroCloud™ Applicator

The Microcloud Applicator from Strong Microbials is a simple applicator that makes applying SuperDFM HoneyBee probiotics easy and straightforward.
The MicroCloud delivers an even, effective coating of SuperDFM HoneyBee probiotics to your colonies. 

How to Inoculate with MicroCloud

1. Power up your air compressor to 65-120 PSI.

2. Connect the MicroCloud™ applicator to the air compressor hose.

3. Place one level spoon full of
SuperDFM or +P801
 into the MicroCloud™ scoop.

4. Slide the MicroCloud
 scoop into the hive entrance. Press tightly against the base to reduce blowback.   

5. Squeeze the trigger for one short blast.  

DONE! Your hive is now inoculated!

Using a portable air tank such as this one makes using the MicroCloud fast and easy! SuperDFM or +P801 can be distributed effectively with a one-second blast of air at 65-120 PSI. An 11-gallon tank provides hundreds of one-second air blasts.

Easily Apply SuperDFM

Mayor concentración en el mercado = Mejor valor 

¡Activa la desintoxicación!

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