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• iManure is a Bacillus-based bacterial decomposition product; non-harmful for dairy, steer, and swine waste.
• Live bacteria and enzymes that re-digest waste to reduce clumping and minimize undesirable odors.
• Pump faster and easier with iManure. Less clumping, agitation, and smell mean cutting down on equipment and labor costs.


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  • Pits, Lagoons, or Slurries

    • Toss the water-soluble bags into the pit.

    • At least 5” of liquid on top of the solids is needed.

    Gutters or Slat Systems

    • Dissolve in cold water (non-chlorinated with no peroxide)

    • Let stand for 10-15 minutes, then apply.

    • Apply underneath any manure crust.

    • Initial treatment will show bubbling and the appearance of floating solids on top of manure within the first weeks.

    • It takes time for manure solids to breakdown and liquefy.

    Always use caution when next to a manure pit.

    Maintain a monthly application cadence.

    • Make an initial treatment immediately after the pit/lagoon/slurry is pumped out.

    • Keep closed and store in a cool, dry place.

    • Do not store product in direct sunlight (Exposure may degrade product quality.)

    • Do not mix with any other compounds or chemicals.

    • Product is not for human consumption.

    • Keep away from heat, flames, and other ignition sources.

    • Use with adequate ventilation.

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